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Klinik Gut (St. Moritz y Chur)

The charm, atmosphere and many personal touches at the St. Moritz Orthopaedic Hospital, “Klinik Gut” make it a place where patients feel comfortable and well cared for.  As a member of the Association of Swiss Leading Hospitals, it also offers the very best in terms of comfort and cuisine. Thanks to the clean, low-allergen mountain air in St. Moritz and the reduction in bacteria due to the high altitude, the hospital is particularly recommended for joint replacement surgery. 

Increasing enthusiasm for sport, new sport trends and the evergrowing willingness to take risks have lead to a sharp increase in injuries and physical wear and tear. The hospital and its team of specialists has, as a result, developed into a centre for orthopaedics and trauma surgery. Its specialist areas include shoulder and elbow surgery, hip and knee surgery and ankle joint surgery. Other independent departments cater for spinal surgery, as well as hand and foot surgery. The treatment of sportsmen and women, as well as elite athletes from the various national associations is an important part of the hospital’s range of medical services. The hospital in St. Moritz is a Sports Medical Base approved by the Swiss Olympic Association.

The hospital in St. Moritz was founded in 1941 and has 24 beds. The hospital in Chur became part of the group in 2007 and has 13 beds. The two sites together undertake a total of approx. 2,500 orthopaedic and trauma operations each year.

Klinik Gut St. Moritz
Via Arona 34
CH-7500 St. Moritz
T +41 (0)81 836 34 34      
F +41 (0)81 836 34 35

Klinik Gut Chur
Lürlibadstrasse 12
CH-7000 Chur
T +41 (0)81 258 44 00      
F +41 (0)81 258 44 01