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La Red de Hospitales de Swiss Diagnosys
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Klinik Pyramide am See (Zurich)

Klinik Pyramide is a private hospital specialising in surgery. Today it is one of the foremost and exclusive hospitals offering plastic surgery, joint and sports injury surgery, maxillofacial surgery, vascular surgery, hand and foot surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery. Medical excellence and firstclass nursing services are coupled with the highest standard of hotel style services.

The Pyramide was founded in 1993 by a group of innovative doctors and today, it is considered to be a pioneer in the private medicine sector. It has a total of 56 beds and 5 operating theatres over two sites and carries out an average of 3,500 operations each year.

The hospital has approximately 140 employees and works with numerous accredited doctors from the respective specialist medical areas. Since 2010, the hospital has been focussing mainly on privately-insured and self-funding patients and offers these patients unique added value. The main site in Zurich was developed into an exclusive hospital for privately-insured and self-funding patients, with semi-private patients being treated and cared for at our second site in Schwerzenbach.

At the Pyramid, one does not find a typical hospital atmosphere, but instead a dignified, genuine and warm ambience, with a personal and relaxed approach and excellent services. Its immediate proximity to the lake and the city and easy access by car or public transport are much valued by patients and doctors alike. The Pyramid’s solgan “the pinnacle for you” reflects the outer shape of the
pyramid, as well as the inner motivation to offer the absolute epitome in terms of quality.


For privately-insured and self-funding patients:
Klinik Pyramide am See
Bellerivestrasse 34
CH-8034 Zurich
T +41 (0)44 388 15 15      
F +41 (0)44 388 26 26

For semi-private patients:
Klinik Pyramide Schwerzenbach 
Bahnstrasse 24
8603 Schwerzenbach
T +41 (0)44 806 50 05      
F +41 (0)44 806 50 06