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Klinik Seeschau am Bodensee (Kreuzlingen)

The Klinik Seeschau on Lake Constance is located in the Canton of Thurgau set in an attractive landscape on the shores of Lake Constance in the Swiss-German border region of the cities of Kreuzlingen and Constance. The Klinik Seeschau is easily accessible by rail, car and by air via the airports of Zurich, Altenrhein and Friedrichshafen.

The family-run private clinic places stringent demands on its range of medical services and human-personal nursing care. Patients benefit from the fact that instead of having alternating contact persons they are cared for by the in-patient doctor of their choice. Highly trained and expert nursing staff ensures that patients feel totally at ease during their stay. The 2008/09 Mecon Study confirms that when it comes to customer satisfaction the Klinik Seeschau is amongst the top 25% of the 62 hospitals in the comparison survey. Over recent years systematic investment has been made in the high quality infrastructure, the result of which is that today the Klinik Seeschau has the most advanced operations infrastructure anywhere in Switzerland.

The range of medical services encompasses the specialist surgical areas of orthopaedics, abdominal surgery, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, hand surgery as well as ophthalmology and urology. Our specialist area of urology is integrated within the innovative Uroviva network. Another area of focus is on the specialist areas of gynaecology and obstetrics. The establishment of the Seeschau Breast Specialist Team has created an additional area of expertise for patients in this specialist area. 

Founded in 1946 the Klinik Seeschau on Lake Constance is today already under the management of the third generation of the Juchli family. The Clinic is equipped with 22 well-appointed single and double rooms with a total of 32 in-patient beds as well as a new recovery ward with four beds. For surgery on an outpatient basis there is a modern day clinic equipped with ten beds which was completely renovated in 2007.


Klinik Seeschau am Bodensee
Bernrainstrasse 17
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen TG
T +41 (0)71 677 53 53
F +41 (0)71 672 55 15