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Klinik Villa im Park (Rothrist)

Klinik Villa im Park is a regionally based facility in Central Switzerland, served by attending physicians specialising in surgery and obstetrics. The hospital has been awarded the breastfeeding-friendly kite mark by UNICEF/WHO and is a member of the Association of Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH). Pro-active quality management in accordance with the guidelines of EFQM® (European Foundation for Quality Management) is a constant but welcome challenge. 

Centrally located and easily accessible, the hospital has a very high level of medical competence and offers personalised nursing care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It is also open to all classes of insurance.

Thanks to its most advanced surgical techniques, hospital stays are reduced to a minimum. The modern infra-structure of the surgical unit and the technically very competent and sympathetic nursing staff provides the ideal basis for all surgical procedures. Parents and their baby receive invidualised care, both during and after the birth, in a quiet and secure environment, ably assisted by a specialist team of attending physicians, midwives and nursing staff.

Klinik Villa im Park originated from the Krauer Villa built in 1903 and was first run as a convalescent home. In 1984, the newly founded Klinik Villa im Park AG (established by a group of independent shareholders) took over the building and set up a surgical unit. The obstetrics unit was established in a third phase one year later.

The hospital has 41 beds, 45 attending physicians and more than 100 members of staff.

Bernstrasse 84
CH-4852 Rothrist
T +41 (0)62 785 66 66      
F +41 (0)62 785 66 67