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Merian Iselin (Basel)

The Merian Iselin (MI) is the leading orthopaedic healthcare centre in the Basel region. This modern hospital with attending physicians covers part of the primary healthcare requirements for the region and offers patients the option to choose their own doctor, regardless of their class of insurance.

Thanks to constant updating and development of both technology and infrastructure, the Merian Iselin is one of the most modern hospitals in Switzerland. In orthopaedics, its main area of focus, intensive efforts have been made to 
guarantee that patients undergoing surgical intervention receive the highest possible level of expertise and treatment. A partnership with “crossklinik”, domiciled within the MI, additionally ensures that cutting edge medical services can be offered in the field of sports medicine.

The Merian Iselin specialises in major orthopaedic operations, such as knee and hip replacement. Surgical intervention is also offered in general surgery, ENT and plastic surgery, as well as in urology and vascular surgery. Diagnostic, laboratory and therapy services are also delivered to the highest possible professional standards.

Founded in 1898/1918, the Merian Iselin offers 120 acute beds.


Föhrenstrasse 2
CH-4009 Basel
T +41 (0)61 305 11 11      
F +41 (0)61 301 18 66